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  • Ficus Nitida 36″ Box – Instant Privacy Hedge

    Ficus Nitida 36" Box Ficus Nitida hedges are over 13 feet tall by 3 feet wide and often used to create an instant privacy screen to blocks second-story windows.  plant them 3 - 4 feet apart in a row in to form a wall in holes or trenc...
  • Fuerte Avocado Tree

    It is a medium-sized avocado with green, leathery, easy-to-peel skin.The Fuerte Avocado is harvested in the late fall through the spring.
  • Persian Bearss Lime Tree

    Citrus aurantiifolia 'Bearss' The Bearss Seedless Lime tree (Citrus x latifolia) is the most popular green-color, thin skin, seedless lime that has a yellow rind when ripe. Bearss limes are also known commonly as Persian Lime or Tahitian lime.
  • Pinkerton Avocado

    The Pinkerton Avocado is a medium avocado with green fruit and pebbly skin. The texture is creamy and the taste is nutty. It is a Type A Avocado that can pollinate Type B Avocados. Avocado t...
  • Weeping Mulberry Tree – Teas Weeping Fruiting Mulberry

    Morus alba ''Pendula' ('Teas') The Weeping Mulberry is a very beautiful tree with unique branches that grow down towards the ground. The tree produces sweet, juicy and tasty berries in the Summer that are small and red when ripe. Keep the tree small and...