• Bird of Paradise - Strelizia reginae 15 gallon

    Bird of Paradise – Strelitzia reginae

    Quick View $55.00 Bird of Paradise is a broadleaf tropical, medium size shrub with distinct orange flowers that look like a bird and its feathers.  Mass them in front of and around larger trees and shrubs to create layers of exotics Medit... Select options
  • Gardenia Plant – 5 gal – (1-2 Ft Tall x wide)

    Quick View $15.00 Very popular landscape shrub that produces amazingly aromatic white flowers blossoms. Great plant that does well in partial shade, under trees, and lower water areas. Select options
  • Persian Daffodil – Iranian narcissus / paperwhite – Narges Shiraz 10 bulbs

    Quick View $20.00 Our famous daffodil come from Shiraz in Iran, and have an incredible fragrance. Bulbs spread naturally undergrounds and flowers blossom Spring to Summer. Add to cart
  • Persian Night Blooming Jasmine mahboobe shab

    Persian Night Blooming Jasmine

    Quick View $35.00 Also known as Mahboobe Shab, this amazing plant has yellowish flowers that are especially fragrant at night. Large, long dark green leaves and long shoots are grown as a large shrub or trained as climbing vine. Easy to gro... Select options
  • Wintersweet – Chimonanthus praecox

    Quick View $85.00$95.00

    People dream of the amazingly fragrant flowers of Wintersweet. Most of the year the Chimonanthus is relatively obscure, but when Winter comes, so does their appearance of small yellow flowers that carry a sweet and ve... Select options