• white pakistan mulberry tree

    Pakistan Mulberry (White) Tree

    Quick View $55.00$550.00 The Pakistan white mulberry tree produces very long (3-4 inch), greenish yellow fruits that are very sweet and delicious. The fruit is slightly less juicy than the red Mulberry but just as sweet. A flavor is reminiscent o... Select options
  • Pakistan Mulberry Tree

    Pakistan Red Mulberry Tree

    Quick View $295.00$550.00 The Pakistan / Afghanistan red mulberry tree produces uniquely long (3-4 inch) fruit. Incredible flavor! Very juicy, sweet and delicious when ripe. Tree are vigorous and grow large, providing lots of shade. Harvest mulberr... Select options
  • persian mulberry tree shahtoot

    Persian Mulberry Tree (ShahToot) – شاه توت

    Quick View $295.00$550.00 Persian Mulberry tree, also known as the ShahToot,  produces very delicious, dark red, wide, juicy fruit with a very pleasant sour and sweet flavor when ripe. The fruit itself turns almost into a black shade resembling a ... Select options
  • white mulberry

    Persian White Mulberry – (Toot – توت)

    Quick View $550.00 White mulberry trees grown at Paradise Nursery originate from Iran. They are beautiful trees that produce abundant white, sweet and juicy fruits called toot (توت). They are very tasty, and can be eaten fresh off the tre... Select options
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    Weeping Mulberry

    Quick View $195.00$550.00 The weeping mulberry tree is very beautiful with unique branches that grow down towards the ground. The tree produces sweet and juicy, tasty berries in the Summer that are small and red when ripe. Keep the tree small and ... Select options