• 20th Century Asian Pear

    20th Century Asian Pear Tree

    Quick View $95.00 The 20th Century Asian pear is sweet, juicy, very delicious, and crisp.  It combines the flavor and sweetness of pears with the crunchiness of crisp apples. They are round in shape, with a golden color skin, and white fl... Select options
  • Barlett Pear Tree

    Barlett Pear Tree – Asian Pear Tree

    Quick View $95.00 The Bartlett pear tree is the world's most popular. These large fruits have golden yellow waxy skin and sweet and delicious white flesh.  Ripens August. Cold Hardy to Zone 5. Requires 800 Chill Hours below 45 degrees F. Select options
  • Flordahome pear

    Flordahome Pear Tree

    Quick View $95.00 A popular pear tree from Florida. Produces large size fruit with smooth yellow skin. The flesh is white with sweet, juicy, and tasty flesh. Crisp and high quality fruit. A great low chill variety for mild winter climates. ... Select options
  • Hood pear fruit

    Hood Pear Tree

    Quick View $95.00 The Hood pear tree produces large size, yellow-green fruit. The flesh is mildly flavored with a unique aroma. A very popular Asian pear, the Hood pear trees need very low chill (1-200 hours). Very resistant to fire blight... Select options
  • Monterey pear tree

    Monterey Pear Tree

    Quick View $85.00$95.00 Plant a Monterey pear tree and produce large, round yellow fruit in mild winter climates like Los Angeles. This apple shaped pear has smooth skin and becomes yellowish in color when ripe. The flavor is sweet and juicy wi... Select options
  • shinseiki pear tree

    Shinseiki Pear Tree

    Quick View $95.00 A beautiful fruit tree that produces popular round shape, golden yellow skin pears with sweet and juicy white flesh. These are often protected with a white film to prevent damage of this valuable crop. The fruit is crisp, ... Select options