Apricot Trees

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  • Flavor King Pluot Tree For Sale

    The Flavor King Pluot is a truly exceptional fruit, born from the perfect union of plum and apricot. With its smooth skin ranging in vibrant hues from deep purple to dark red, it presents an alluring sight during Summer. W...
  • Flavor Queen Pluot Tree

    The Flavor Queen Pluot is a very delicious hybrid of plum and apricot. These pluot fruits have green skin with a yellowish green flesh. It is very juicy and have an amazingly tasty flavor. Flavor Queen Pluot trees require ...
  • Katy Apricot Tree

    The Katy Apricot Tree has small to medium-sized apricots and white flowers. The taste is sweet and tangy good for canning, baking, or pruning. The fruit ripens early to mid-summer.

  • Royal Blenheim Apricot Tree

    Prunus armeniaca 'Royal Blenheim'

    The Royal Blenheim Apricot Tree is a popular variety with medium-sized, golden orange apricots. The flesh is juicy and the taste is sweet. Perfect for baking and preserving.

  • Royal Rosa Apricot Tree

    Prunus armeniaca 'Royal Rosa'  The Royal Rosa Apricot has small to medium-sized fruit with orange skin with a red blush and white blossoms. The fruit is sweet and tart. At younger ages, they produce more fruit than othe...