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Pinkerton Avocado

The Pinkerton avocado tree is a Type “A” avocado tree.  They have a pear-shaped body with a smaller than average avocado seed.  The skin is a little textured and is also easy to peel.  The flesh of the Pinkerton avocado is creamy and smooth.  One good thing about the avocado, unlike other fruits, is that they only ripen once they are off of the tree; for that reason, many of the avocados from the Pinkerton avocado tree can actually be stored on the tree, you just have to harvest them a few days before you need to use them.

Things to remember

Avocado trees typically require a type “A” and a type “B” in order for the trees to pollinate each other and produce fruit.  Hass is the most popular and common type “A”.  Hass is also the only variety of avocado that will produce fruit without a type “B” plant present.  Due to the fact that the Pinkerton is a type “A” avocado tree, you will need to also have a type “B” tree.  Fuerte avocado is the most popular type “B”.

Also, another thing to remember is that avocado trees, while they are young, need to be protected from the sun.  Now, this is depending on where the tree is planted. Coastal areas and northern California are much cooler than southern California.  If you live in a warmer area then you definitely need to protect your tree from the sun.  The larger leaves of the avocado tree can easily burn in the full sun.  One way to combat this is by building a temporary shade that will protect the tree.  Another way to protect your tree is by planting it somewhere that receives morning sun and afternoon shade.  If none of these are an option, then you can leave the tree in a container, put wheels on the container and move your plant into the shade and away from the sun.


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