Cherry Trees

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  • Minnie Royal Cherry Tree

    The Minnie Royal is a red sweet cherry tree that produces fruit in the mild Winter climates of Southern California. Since much less cold weather is needed to produce Minnie Royal, the tree is good in many areas of Los Ange...
  • Royal Crimson Cherry Tree

    The only low-chill, self-pollinating sweet cherry tree to produce sweet and juicy red cherries in warm climates like Los Angeles.
  • Royal Lee Cherry Tree

    This medium-sized red cherry is very firm with an excellent flavor. Very low chilling requirement, excellent pollinator for Minnie Royal. Pollinated by Minnie Royal. 200 to 300 hours. (Pat. No.12417) (Zaiger)
  • Sour Cherry Tree – Albaloo

    Sour Cherry trees, contrary to their counterpart cherries, produce smaller and pleasantly tart fruits that do not require much cold to produce in even mild Winter climates like in Los Angeles and Orange County. The tree pr...