• Persian Jasmine Plant

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    Paradise Nursery’s Persian Jasmine is originally from the Southern city of Shiraz, which is known for its majestically manicured gardens. It produces a very pleasantly aromatic white pin shaped flowers. While similar ... Select options

  • Persian Night Blooming Jasmine mahboobe shab

    Persian Night Blooming Jasmine

    Quick View $35.00 Also known as Mahboobe Shab, this amazing plant has yellowish flowers that are especially fragrant at night. Large, long dark green leaves and long shoots are grown as a large shrub or trained as climbing vine. Easy to gro... Select options
  • Star Jasmine Plants

    Quick View $15.00 Gorgeous vine that produces star shapes whites flowers that very aromatic. Can be trained to grow up posts, trellises, fences, and wall. They can also be grown as ground cover or kept in pots. Size: #5 - (2 -4 Feet Tall) Select options
  • Yellow Jasmine – Carolina Jessamine

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