Weeping Mulberry


The weeping mulberry tree is very beautiful with unique branches that grow down towards the ground. The tree produces sweet and juicy, tasty berries in the Summer that are small and red when ripe. Keep the tree small and use as a focal point or place two or more symmetrically to create a gateway. Weeping mulberries are great for containers or planters. The fruit is small and dark red to almost black when ripe. Produces many juicy mulberries with a nice sweet flavor. Trees are dormant in the winter, and should be pruned to keep branches from touching the floor. This helps promote a thicker canopy that will produce more fruit.



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Weeping Mulberry Tree Information and Care

The weeping mulberry is a woody deciduous fruit tree. Some cities have streets lined with to create a striking effect. Plant in full sun and well draining soil. Weeping mulberries are often kept small, about 6- 8 feet tall and wide. They can grow as large as 10-15 feet wide over decades if not trimmed. Deeply water, weekly during the Spring. Increase the frequency to twice per week in the Summer. Reduce the frequency back to weekly in the Fall, and discontinue watering in the Winter. Provide fruit tree fertilizer seasonly, except in the Fall. Prune branches near or touching the ground to promote thicker growth.




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