• arctic fantasy nectarine

    Arctic Fantasy Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $75.00 A great white flesh nectarine for low chill, mild winter climates. The fruit is large with smooth red skin. The flesh is firm and juicy when ripe with a delicious sweet flavor. Enjoy pink Spring blossoms, followed by nice ... Select options
  • Arctic Star White Nectarine

    Arctic Star White Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $95.00$150.00 A heavy producing and incredibly delicious, white flesh nectarine that is very sweet and juicy. A great low chill variety for mild winter climates. The tree blossoms with beautiful tiny pink flowers in the Spring. An ea... Select options
  • fantasia nectarine tree

    Fantasia Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $120.00$350.00 The Fantasia nectarine is a very delicious, sweet, tangy, and juicy yellow flesh nectarine. The skin is smooth, yellow with a red blush. Large size freestone firm fruit. Trees produce young and heavy in warm winter climate... Select options
  • Panamint nectarine

    Panamint Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $120.00$350.00 A great quality nectarine with red skin and yellow flesh. Great tasting and balanced sugar and sour. Easy to grow freestone nectarine tree.  A popular variety for mild winter climates. The fruits ripen in the late summer ... Select options
  • sauzee king nectarine

    Sauzee King Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $120.00 A very unique donut-shape, flat nectarine. An amazing white flesh fruit that has very sweet, juicy, and tasty flesh. The Sauzee king nectarine has smooth skin that is reddish in color over bits of yellow. Harvest fruit i... Select options

    Snow Queen Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $120.00 A sweet and juicy white flesh freestone nectarine. Very delicious variety. Red color, smooth texture skin with yellow spots. Beautiful pink Spring blossoms, and early summer fruits. Low Chill. 250 Hours. Self-fruitful. Select options
  • Spice Zee Nectaplum

    Spice Zee Nectaplum

    Quick View $120.00 A Nectarine dominant hybrid with plum. The Spice Zee Nectaplum has surprising pleasing flavor. A somewhat acidic, spicy sweet taste and very juicy. An attractive upright tree with a great flush of Spring time blossoms and... Select options