• Black Mission Fig

    Black Mission Fig Tree

    Quick View $35.00$350.00 The Black Mission Fig Tree produce the most popular, medium to large size fruit with purple skin. The flesh is pink with a sweet, juicy, and creamy delicious flavor. Introduced by Missionaries to what is now San Diego, Ca... Select options
  • Brown Turkey Fig

    Brown Turkey Fig

    Quick View $35.00$120.00 The Brown Turkey fig is medium to large size with brown to purple skin. The light pink flesh has sweet, juicy, creamy and delicious flavor. 100 chill hours. A very vigorous and fast growing tree. Harvest ripe fruit in the ... Select options
  • Italian Genoa Fig

    Italian Genoa Fig Tree

    Quick View $35.00$95.00 The Italian Genoa fig tree produces very popular, large green to yellow fruit. The flesh is sweet, juicy, and very creamy and delicious. Prune to any shape. 100 Chill Hours. Self-Fruitful. Select options
  • persian fig

    Persian Fig ‘Kan’ Tree

    Quick View $35.00$95.00 Our Persian fig tree is originally from Kan, Iran. The fruit has a light greenish yellow thin skin and is medium-large in size. The flesh itself is very sweet and delicious. Figs reach maturity during the Fall season. Th... Select options