• King palm

    King Palm – Archontophoenix alexandrae

    Quick View King Palm Tree is a favorite variety in Southern California full sun.  They have lush leaves that are large, feathery and dark green, These are known as fronds and appear very tropical. Their trunk becomes grayish whe... Read more
  • Pygmy Date Palm Pheonix roebelini 15 gallon

    Pygmy Date Palm – Phoenix Roebelenii

    Quick View Pigmy Date Palms are the most popular small to medium size, slow-growing, shrub-like palm tee in Southern California. Most often planted under and around taller King and Queen Palms.  Although they can grow to 10 feet ta... Read more
  • Queen Palm Tree 36' Box

    Queen Palm Tree – Syagrus romanzoffiana

    Quick View Queen Palm is one of the most popular tall palm trees grown under the California full sun.  A very lovely single trunk, tall palm with long fan-like leaves at their crown.   Their foliage is known as fronds, which are g... Read more