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  • Bird of Paradise - Strelizia reginae 15 gallon

    Bird of Paradise – Strelitzia reginae

    Quick View $55.00 Bird of Paradise is a broadleaf tropical, medium size shrub with distinct orange flowers that look like a bird and its feathers.  Mass them in front of and around larger trees and shrubs to create layers of exotics Medit... Select options
  • Persian Daffodil – Iranian narcissus / paperwhite – Narges Shiraz 10 bulbs

    Quick View $20.00 Our famous daffodil come from Shiraz in Iran, and have an incredible fragrance. Bulbs spread naturally undergrounds and flowers blossom Spring to Summer. Add to cart
  • Persian Jasmine Plant

    Quick View $35.00$55.00

    Paradise Nursery’s Persian Jasmine is originally from the Southern city of Shiraz, which is known for its majestically manicured gardens. It produces a very pleasantly aromatic white pin shaped flowers. While similar ... Select options

  • Persian Night Blooming Jasmine mahboobe shab

    Persian Night Blooming Jasmine

    Quick View $35.00 Also known as Mahboobe Shab, this amazing plant has yellowish flowers that are especially fragrant at night. Large, long dark green leaves and long shoots are grown as a large shrub or trained as climbing vine. Easy to gro... Select options
  • Yellow Jasmine – Carolina Jessamine

    Quick View $35.00 Yellow Jasmine Select options