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Paradise Nursery has been a trusted source of citrus trees for sale, fruit trees, privacy hedges, and Mediterranean plants in Los Angeles, California for over 30 years.

Paradise Nursery was founded in Chatsworth, California by Dr. Majid Jahanbin after he immigrated with his family to the United States from Iran. Dr. Jahanbin holds a Doctorate in Agricultural Science from the University of Bologna, Italy. He was a long-time host of a gardening radio show in Los Angeles and authored a book in Farsi titled ‘Get to Know the Language of Plants – One Thousand and One Questions and Answers. Under Dr. Jahanbin’s tutelage, his son Ashkan learned the language.

Ashkan Jahanbin holds degrees in Environmental Horticulture Science and Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. 

From our family and staff to yours,
Happy Harvests!

Paradise Nursery

Citrus trees for sale


  • Donut Peach Tree (Hulu Anjiri – هلو انجیری)

    The Donut Peach tree produces unique, flat, saucer-shaped fruit. It is very sweet, juicy, and delicious with white flesh. The skin is light yellow with a red blush. The center is sunken with a small "stone" pit. The tree p...
  • Persian Fig ‘Kan’ Tree

    Ficus carica 'Kan' Our Persian Fig tree is originally from Kan, Iran. The fruit has a light greenish yellow thin skin and is medium-large in size. The flesh itself is very sweet and delicious. Figs reach maturity during the Fall season. This...
  • Persian Grape Rish Baba – Angoor

    The Persian Rish Baba grape features long elongated green skinned grapes with distinctly great flavor. Sweet and juicy, Rish Baba is a heavy producing variety that does well in an area with mild winter climates. Their larg...
  • Persian Jasmine

    Paradise Nursery’s Persian Jasmine is originally from the Southern city of Shiraz, which is known for its majestically manicured gardens. It produces a very pleasantly aromatic white pin shaped flowers. While similar in ...
  • Persian Mulberry Tree (ShahToot) – شاه توت

    Morus Nigra 'Shah Toot' Persian Mulberry tree, also known as the ShahToot,  produces very delicious, dark red, wide, juicy fruit with a very pleasant sour and sweet flavor when ripe. The fruit itself turns almost into a black shade resembling a ...
  • Persian Night Blooming Jasmine

    Also known as Mahboobe Shab, this amazing plant has yellowish flowers that are especially fragrant at night. Large, long dark green leaves and long shoots are grown as a large shrub or trained as climbing vine. Ea...
  • Persian Pomegranate Tree – Red ‘Anar Saveh’ (ا نار ساوه)

    Originating from the Saveh province of Iran, this variety of pomegranate tree produces an abundance of large, deep red fruit with very big juicy arils and soft seeds. The flavor is sweet and tart with a great balance of su...
  • Persian Sour Plum ‘Tabriz’ – Goje Sabz Tree

    Prunis salicina 'Persian' Our authentic Persian Plum tree from Tabriz, Iran produces a very popular sour green plum that is picked when the fruits are small and green. They are very delicious and eaten while sour and crunchy, often seasoned with sa...
  • Persian Sweet Lemon Tree – (Limu Shirin)

    Citrus limettiodes 'Persian Limu Shirin' Persian Sweet lemon tree is also known as Limu Shirin and produces fruits with completely sweet flesh that is very juicy and delicious. Very fragrant flowers.
  • Royal Blenheim Apricot Tree

    Prunus armeniaca 'Royal Blenheim'

    The Royal Blenheim Apricot Tree is a popular variety with medium-sized, golden orange apricots. The flesh is juicy and the taste is sweet. Perfect for baking and preserving.

  • Sour Cherry Tree – Albaloo

    Sour Cherry trees, contrary to their counterpart cherries, produce smaller and pleasantly tart fruits that do not require much cold to produce in even mild Winter climates like in Los Angeles and Orange County. The tree pr...