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  • Iceberg Rose

    Floribunda Rose 'Iceberg' The Iceberg Rose is the most popular white flower rose shrub planted throughout California. Although it is not fragrant, it is desired because they produce very abundant amounts of beautiful large white flower blossoms tha...
  • Nastaran shiraz

    Nastaran shiraz is a climbing plant beautiful white fragrant flowers . This plant is in the Rose family, and has large thorns. Grow in the full sun and train to go up a wall or post.
  • Red Fragrant Rose #5

    Large flower hybrid tea rose with deep red color. Amazingly fragrant flower open up velvet red as double blossom. About 30 - 35 rose petals for each flower. Vigorous growth to 3 feet tall and wide. Has has thorns. Does we...
  • Rose Golab Ghamsar