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  • Black Monukka Grape Vine (Seedless)

    A large, purplish color crisp seedless grape with juicy, sweet, and nice flavor. Eat Fresh or raisins. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. 100 Chill Hours Needed. Doesn't need as much summer heat as others.
  • Concord Grape Vine

    The Concord Grapevine produce blue to black fruit with a rich flavor, great for the table, juice, jelly, and wine. A distinctive flavor and long-time favorite American grape. 100 hours. Self-fruitful.

  • Flame Seedless Grape Vine

    The Flame Seedless Grape is a popular medium size, juicy, red skin grape with excellent sweet flavor. It requires warm Summers and ripens early. Train as a climbing plant. 100 hours. Self-fruitful.
  • Muscat of Uzbekistan Grape Vine

  • Persian Grape Rish Baba – Angoor

    The Persian Rish Baba grape features long elongated green skinned grapes with distinctly great flavor. Sweet and juicy, Rish Baba is a heavy producing variety that does well in an area with mild winter climates. Their larg...
  • Persian Grape Vine ‘Askari’

    This popular Persian Grape produces small, round, yellow fruit with no seeds. It is very sweet and juicy with a nice flavor. The leaves are large and great for making Dol-meh. Plant in the full sun and grow to cli...
  • Princess Seedless Grape Vine

    The Princess Seedless Grapes vine produces large, green, juicy, seedless fruits with a nice sweet flavor. Fruits hold well, and you can eat them fresh or as raisins. Train on a trellis, post, arbor, or wall. 100 Chill Hour...
  • Ruby Seedless Grape Vine

    The Ruby Seedless grape vine produce dark red crisp fruit that is sweet and juicy. Eat fresh or dry to raisin. Train as a climbing plant on a trellis, post, arbor, or wall. Needs less heat than other varieties. 100 hours....
  • Thompson Seedless Grape Vine

    The Thompson Seedless Grape is California's most popular. This round, small, and pale green fruit is very sweet, tasty, and very juicy. Eat fresh or as raisins. Needs warm Summer heat for the fruit to ripen. 100 hours. Sel...