The Best Orange Trees to grow in Los Angeles – Southern California

Although Washington Navel Orange trees are the most popular common sweet orange in Los Angeles although there are others. The “Moro Blood Orange” is red inside and has the most antioxidants. The Cara Cara orange is pink inside and is almost acidless when ripe. Valencia oranges have thin skin, are more acidic, and are used for orange juice.

There is not much of a difference in the growth habit or hardiness of the different varieties of oranges we grow. The Washington Navel Orange is by far the most popular because the fruit is so sweet, delicious, and easy to peel. Although, many prefer to cut them into four pieces and bite into them. I think most importantly the fruit is fantastic as soon as the fruit turns orange and stays good for a long time.

My next favorite is the Caracara pink orange trees. The Cara cara has a very delicious sweet flavor that lacks the acidity most other oranges have. Cara Cara oranges need a bit more time for the fruit flavor to develop; but once it does, the flavor is unforgettable. Cara Cara orange trees are native to South America and a hybrid of the Washington navel orange.

The Valencia orange has thin skin that is not easy to peel. The valencia orange has a bit more acidic flavor and is considered a juicing orange.  Valencia oranges are ready for harvest in the Summer as opposed to most other Orange tree varieties.

The Moro blood oranges have the most antioxidants because of the red pigment in the fruits.