Dwarf Meyers Lemon Trees Great for patios and more.

Dwarf Meyers Lemon trees are perfect for pots because they are short and continually produce fruit. They make a great addition to any patio or porch and the fruit is easily accessible. Heavy, dependable fruit production year after year is one of the biggest reasons for this tree’s popularity.

Growth- Trees typically grow an average of 6 to 8 ft tall and wide. These trees are ever-bearing during the fruiting season. Can also easily be grown indoors.

Pollinating-Self-pollinating and produces heavily from a young age. Very aromatic white flower blossom.

Taste- This variety of lemon is slightly sweeter than its popular counterpart store bought lemons. Produces medium sized, thin skinned yellow fruit. Few seeds. Has less acidic flavor than the common Eureka Lemon.

Watering- Water more frequently during hot months and less during winter months. Water established trees less frequently and deeper than newly planted trees.