The Best Apple Tree to Grow in Los Angeles and Southern California

The best Apple tree to grow in Los Angeles and Southern California is probably not even in your grocery store. Although Fuji apples are definately the most popular apple tree variety sold in California it’s probably not the most prolific producing tree for Los Angeles. This has to do with Chill hours. Every apple tree variety needs a certain amount of cost to product flowers and fruits. This is why there are so many Apple varieties grown in states like Washington where it snow. In los angeles, there are about only a few great tasting varieties of apple tree. The fuji apple happens to be one of them.Fuji apple trees produce fruit in Los Angeles and southern California, but some years more than other. The Same is true for the less popular Gala Apples. The gala apple tree also produces fruits is mild winter climates like LA, but tends to be alittle less popular than the fuji. The last apple that we regularly see in grocery stores and produces lots of fruits in Socal are Granny Smith Apple trees. The granny smith apple are the green tart apples that are used for caramel apple.

Pink Lady apple trees have a pleasant flavor and are a good producer for the Los Angeles area.


The Anna Apple tree is the best apple tree recommended by Paradise Nursery for the Los Angeles and Southern California. Year after year we have experienced the anna apple to produce a heavy amount of flowers and delicous fruits. Often more than once per year. The fruit is sweet and tasty even when barely gaining size. We’ve never seen an apple variety produce so many fruits in Los Angeles. The fruits are a bit stretched shape, generally medium in size. However, the treat is in the quantity and quality of fruits the Anna apple will produce in areas that do not have cold winters. I’m certain this tree will do well in other Southern United States like Arizona, Texas, and Florida.