Santa Barbara Peach Tree


Very popular yellow freestone peach from Southern California. Amazing sweet and juicy with a nice firm texture.  Delicious is the best way to describe.  Best when eaten fresh, this self-fruitful variety only need less than 300 chill hours.Enjoy an abundance of pink blossoms in the Spring and heavy fruit harvests in the Summer.



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Santa Barbara Peach Tree Information and Care

The Santa Barbara peach tree is beautiful, easy to grow, and great for home orchards.  Finding the proper location, appropriate spacing, and sun exposure will ensure healthy growth and lots of fruit.


First of all, you want to plant your tree in the full sun and well-draining soils. The Santa Barbara peach tree is winter deciduous, therefore it will shed all of its leaves annually. Due to there being no leaves, no supplemental water is needed at this time. Begin to water your trees once they leaf out in the Spring.


Keep the Santa Barbara peach relatively small by regularly pruning in the Winter. You may prune the tree to keep it about 10 feet tall and wide, but it will grow larger if allowed. Space trees a minimum of 10 feet apart in a home orchard setting for high-density planting.

Peach Tree Fertilizer

Use organic fruit tree fertilizers. Apply blossom fertilizer and fruit fertilizer in the winter to increase Spring blossoms.  Also, provide manure while the temperature is cool in the winter or early spring. Fruit tree growth fertilizer with organic nitrogen is great for the Spring and Summer growing season. Finally, do not fertilize in the Fall when trees are reducing growth.


Prune trees in the winter to manage size and shape. Summer thinning of fruits and spurs should be done to prevent waste of energy and smaller fruits.


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