Babcock Peach Tree


Popular white flesh peach tree, great for mild winter climates like Los Angeles. Sweet and juicy fruits are very delicious. Fragrant and heavy producer. Beautiful pink color Spring Blossoms, and Summer fruit harvests. Low Chill (250 hours) and Self-fruitful.

5 gal size only available in the Winter as bare root.



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Babcock Peach Tree Information and Care

Plant and grow in full sun and well-drained soil. Babcock peach trees are deciduous, therefore do not irrigate during dormancy in the Winter. Begin to water deeply in the Spring. Increase frequency in the Summer.

Use organic fruit tree fertilizers. Apply blossom and fruit fertilizer in the winter to increase Spring blossoms. Manure can also be applied while the temperature is cool. Apply fruit tree growth fertilizer with organic nitrogen during the Spring and Summer growing season. Do not fertilize in the Fall when trees are reducing growth.

Prune trees in the winter to manage size and shape. Summer thinning of fruits and spurs should be done to prevent waste of energy and smaller fruits.


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250-300 hours below 45°F



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