24″ Box Ficus Nitida

The 24″ Box Ficus Nitida is the largest size hedge planted by most homeowners. This is because the next size up cost more than 3x as much. The 24″ Box size Ficus Nitida is usually about 9 feet tall x 2 ft wide once planted in the ground. Many do not even want their plants to grow much taller than 10 ft, so this size is an instant privacy hedge. Plant 24″ Box Ficus Nitida about 2.5 – 3 feet apart.


The next size smaller than 24″ Box Ficus Nitida is called 15 gallons. 15 gallons Ficus Nitida are 6 ft tall x 1.5′ wide planted in the ground, but not as full as the 24″ box. The 24″ Box Ficus Nitida cost more than 3 x the 15 gallons because of the desired height and but more so the fullness. If you want a full ficus hedge, the 24″ box is great.