The Difference Between Bearss Lime and Key Lime

The difference between Bearss and Key Lime Trees lies in their overall appearance and with the fruit itself.

Bearss Limes are usually around 2 1/2 inches in diameter with nippled ends and is green but starts to turn yellow when fully ripe. However, they are usually sold in markets when they are still green. Bearss Limes are larger in size and have a thicker skin than the Key Lime, they are hardier, the tree has fewer thorns, and has a longer fruit shelf life. The Bearss Lime is a cross between Key Lime and Lemon. However, they are less acidic and less bitter than the Key Lime. The Bearss Lime was developed by John T. Bearss in 1895 at his nursery in Porterville, California. They are used to flavor many different foods such as sauces, fish, meat,  guacamole, and in cocktails.