Watering jujube Trees – How And When To Water Jujube Trees

Watering Jujube Tree Guide

It’s easy to water a jujube tree because they are drought tolerant and winter deciduous. Drought tolerance means they can go longer without water, but they should be watered well when they do receive it. As a winter deciduous tree, they shed their leaves during the fall. Do not water a jujube tree during their winters dormancy. Rainfall is ok.

Frequency and quantity of water to give is based on factors like temp, wind, humidity, and plant healthy. These are part of the evapotranspiration rate that is depleting the soils moisture content. The SMC can be measured using a tensiometer.

However, to make it simple, generally water as shown below.

Winter give no water

Spring 1 x per week (deeply)

summer 2  week (deeply)

Deeply Water newly jujube trees weekly (1 x / week) during the cooler early spring and fall seasons, and 2 – 3 times per week during the hot summer season. Deciduous plants go dormant (lose their leaves) in the winter, therefore watering should be stopped. Discontinue watering until the plant leafs out in the early spring. Increase the frequency as the temperature and evapotranspiration rates increase. Once the tree roots grow larger and the plant establish.