7 Gal. ~ 4 Ft Tall & 2/3" Trunk

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  • Eureka Lemon Tree

    Citrus limon 'Eureka' Eureka Lemon trees produce the typical grocery store lemon. They are tart, high in vitamin C, and have a wide variety of uses in cooking and beyond. 
  • Flavor King Pluot Tree For Sale

    The Flavor King Pluot is a truly exceptional fruit, born from the perfect union of plum and apricot. With its smooth skin ranging in vibrant hues from deep purple to dark red, it presents an alluring sight during Summer. W...
  • Gold Nugget Loquat Tree Seedling

    The Gold Nugget loquat tree produces clusters of small (1-2 inches) in size, round to oval pear shape yellow-orange fruit with about 3 smooth seeds in the center. The skin is smooth and sometimes has a red blush on top of ...
  • Granny Smith Apple Tree

    Malus domestica 'granny smith'

    Granny Smith Apple tree was discovered in 1868 as a seedling by “Granny” Anne Smith of Ryde, New South Wales. The Granny Smith Apples are known for their vibrant green skin...

  • Nastaran shiraz

    Nastaran shiraz is a climbing plant beautiful white fragrant flowers . This plant is in the Rose family, and has large thorns. Grow in the full sun and train to go up a wall or post.
  • Pakistan Red Mulberry Tree

    The Pakistan/Afghanistan Red Mulberry tree produces uniquely long (3-4 inch) fruit with an incredible flavor. It is very juicy, sweet and delicious when ripe. Trees are vigorous and grow large, providing lots of shade. Har...
  • Panache Tiger Stripe Fig Tree

    Also known as the "Tiger" fig, renowned for its exceptional flavor. This variety produces small to medium-sized fruits with a captivating green color adorned with vibrant yellow "tiger" stripes. The strawberry pulp inside ...
  • Persian Bearss Lime Tree

    Citrus aurantiifolia 'Bearss' The Bearss Seedless Lime tree (Citrus x latifolia) is the most popular green-color, thin skin, seedless lime that has a yellow rind when ripe. Bearss limes are also known commonly as Persian Lime or Tahitian lime.
  • Pineapple Quince Fruit Tree

    Cydonia oblonga 'Pineapple' Heavy crops of large, tart fruit used in baking, jams, and jellies. Profuse, ornamental bloom. Cold hardy, yet low chilling requirement 300 hours. Self-fruitful.
  • Royal Blenheim Apricot Tree

    Prunus armeniaca 'Royal Blenheim'

    The Royal Blenheim Apricot Tree is a popular variety with medium-sized, golden orange apricots. The flesh is juicy and the taste is sweet. Perfect for baking and preserving.

  • Royal Lee Cherry Tree

    This medium-sized red cherry is very firm with an excellent flavor. Very low chilling requirement, excellent pollinator for Minnie Royal. Pollinated by Minnie Royal. 200 to 300 hours. (Pat. No.12417) (Zaiger)
  • Santa Barbara Peach Tree

    Prunus persica 'santa barbara' Very popular yellow freestone peach from Southern California. Amazingly sweet and juicy with a nice firm texture, it's best described as delicious. It is best when eaten fresh, and this self-fruitful variety only need less...