7 Gal ~ 4 Feet Tall, Full & 2/3" trunk

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  • Dancy Mandarin Tree

    Citrus reticulata 'Dancy' Dancy mandarin trees produce fruits with sweet and tangy flesh that is very delicious. This variety has seeds and easy-to-peel skin. Mandarin trees have fragrant white flower blossoms in late Spring and fruits ripen in the...
  • Golden Plum Tree

    Prunus saliciana The Golden Plum tree produces a very delicious, yellow, medium sized plum with sweet and juicy flesh that is golden in color.
  • Italian Genoa Fig Tree

    The Italian Genoa fig tree produces very popular, large green to yellow fruit. The flesh is sweet, juicy, and very creamy and delicious. Prune to any shape. 100 Chill Hours. Self-Fruitful.
  • Long Beach Peach Tree

    The Long Beach peach tree produces yellow flesh peach for mild Winter climates that are sweet, juicy, and delicious. Red over yellow skin, freestone with firm flesh. Ripens late May to early June. 200 hours. Self-fruitful....
  • Persian Fig ‘Kan’ Tree

    Ficus carica 'Kan' Our Persian Fig tree is originally from Kan, Iran. The fruit has a light greenish yellow thin skin and is medium-large in size. The flesh itself is very sweet and delicious. Figs reach maturity during the Fall season. This...
  • Persian Mulberry Tree (ShahToot) – شاه توت

    Morus Nigra 'Shah Toot' Persian Mulberry tree, also known as the ShahToot,  produces very delicious, dark red, wide, juicy fruit with a very pleasant sour and sweet flavor when ripe. The fruit itself turns almost into a black shade resembling a ...
  • Red Baron Peach Tree