24" Box / 25 Gallon - > 6 Ft Tall , 2" Trunk, Fuller

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  • Katy Apricot Tree

    The Katy Apricot Tree has small to medium-sized apricots and white flowers. The taste is sweet and tangy good for canning, baking, or pruning. The fruit ripens early to mid-summer.

  • Weeping Mulberry Tree – Teas Weeping Fruiting Mulberry

    Morus alba ''Pendula' ('Teas') The Weeping Mulberry is a very beautiful tree with unique branches that grow down towards the ground. The tree produces sweet, juicy and tasty berries in the Summer that are small and red when ripe. Keep the tree small and...
  • Wonderful Pomegranate Tree

    Punica Granatum The Wonderful Pomegranate is a captivating fruit-bearing tree with brilliant crimson blossoms and deep-red, jewel-like arils. This versatile tree, known for its sweet-tart fruit, adds both visual appeal and flavor to garde...