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Sour Cherry Tree – ‘Albaloo’ (البالو)


Sour cherry tree, contrary to their counterpart cherries, produce smaller and pleasantly tart and do not requirement much cold to produce fruit in even mild winter climates like in Los Angeles and Orange County. The tree provides beautiful white blossoms and an abundance of fruit. The fruit ripens in the summer, becoming dark red and tart.



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Sour Cherry Tree is a compact, self-fruitful tree that produces consistently in mild winter climates.

Sour Cherry Tree

A relatively small and can easily be managed to stay under 10 ft tall. In hot dry climates such as Los Angeles, sour cherry trees thrive in areas with morning sun and afternoon shade to protect from intense sun and heat. Our nursery has been growing this type of tree in Los Angeles for over 15 years and has been a very consistent producer.

Originating from the middle east, the sour cherry tree produces dark red to almost black tart and juicy fruit that is great for cooking and sometimes eaten fresh when fully ripe. It is a small beautiful tree with white blossoms.

Sour Cherries have been a popular type of cherry for Iranians for many years. It’s impossible for Persians to not have fond childhood memories of enjoying these deliciously tart cherries by the handful. Sour Cherries, unlike regular cherries, are smaller in size and have a pleasant tart flavor.

Sour Cherries in Iran are referred to as Albaloo and are used in a variety of Persian recipes.

Growing Sour Cherry Trees

Trees are dormant in the winter and do not need additional water at this time. Make sure not to water sour cherry trees too frequently, especially while dormant. Begin watering the sour cherry tree once the plant leafs out in the Spring. As it warms up in the Summer, the frequency should be increased. Create good watering wells above ground, so that water collects and is available for the plants’ root zone.

Plant sour cherry tree in full sun where Summers are mild such as near the coast and areas that are not extremely hot. If planted in hot inland climates, it helps to plant where the tree will receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Larger trees can provide this shade to protect the sour cherry tree from sunburn leaves during heat waves. Shade also reduces water needs due to a lower temperature around the tree.

Fertilize organically in the winter with manure and flower and bloom fertilizers to promote blossoms in Spring. Use an organic fertilizer with more nitrogen to promote growth in the Spring and Summer.

Organic horticultural oils like Volck and Neem Oil are great for natural pest management of small soft-bodied insects that can damage leaves in the growing season. Sour cherry trees are easy to grow and relatively low maintenance.


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