Plant Fungus Problems – Remove the things that keep light from coming in and watch the problem go away

Let Light in and Heal – The key to healthy plants

A healthy plant will resist fungus if its center is open to allow light in. When a plant becomes burdened with too many leaves, its center becomes dark, and problems like fungus occur. Remove those leaves or burdens that cause a dark center, and allow the light in and for air to flow, and you will see the problem go away on its own. It takes time and effort, but by closely examing what is blocking the light, and deliberately pruning it out of the tree, like we remove the stresses that burden our lives, we will find the problems fixed on their own. There will not be a need to spray when the plant is healthy and free from these burdens. <——- Beginning paragraph needs editing.   (Summary – Analogy 


Too many Leaves represent the things in our lives that keep light from coming in

Air — Represents the space we need from the burdens and time will heal these ailments


Healthy Plants and People outgrow and outlive the pests that affect us

The same thing will Pests <——– With time, both people and plants will outgrow and outlive the pests that bother us.