Citrus Trees For Sale In Los Angeles

Citrus Trees For Sale In Los Angeles

In Chatsworth, California our small family-owned company has grown Citrus trees for sale in Los Angeles for 30 years. Dr. Majid Jahanbin started our company with his family and has become well-known throughout the years. Recently, Citrus trees have become more difficult to find and grow due to an insect pest known as the Asian Citrus Psyllid which is a vector of the bacterial citrus disease huanglongbing. The USDA and CDFA are regulated to prevent the spread of this disease. Paradise Nursery is one of a few nurseries that comply with requirements to continue to supply healthy, HLB-free Citrus trees for sale in Los Angeles.

Varieties of Citrus trees for sale in Los Angeles

Eureka Lemon trees produce the common lemons, while Meyer lemon trees are a hybrid that produces fruits with thin skin and a hint of sweetness. Australian Finger limes are shaped like fingers with dotted flesh paired with caviar. Kaffir lime trees are used in Thai curry paste.

Washington Navel Orange tree produces the most popular eating orange because it is easy to peel, sweet, juicy, and very delicious. Valencia orange trees fruits have thin skin, are more acidic, and are good to juice. Moro blood orange trees fruits have the most anti-oxidant. Cara Cara orange trees produce fruits with Pink flesh that is sweet with little tartness.

Satsuma Mandarin trees produce puffy skin fruits with sweet, juicy, and delicious flesh with little to no seeds. Honey mandarin trees and Tango mandarin trees both produce sweet, seedless, and easy-to-peel fruits commonly sold as Cutties or Halos. Dancy mandarin trees produce easy-to-peel fruit with sweet and tangy fruits and seeds.

Oroblanco grapefruit trees produce the classic yellow grapefruit. Red Rio grapefruit trees bear red flesh fruits. Chandler pummelo has yellow skin fruits, while Valentine pummelo is red.

Our Nagami kumquat trees produce the common oblong-shaped tiny fruits with sour flesh. Meiwa kumquat trees produce rounder fruits with sweet flesh.

Citrus trees for sale in Los Angeles are one of the most popular. Pick up in-store, or arrange delivery by truck in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

Forms of Citrus Trees For Sale in Los Angeles

Our semi-dwarf/standard citrus trees for sale have a single trunk and are the most popular form. They have a short trunk and branch out to form a nice canopy. Dwarf trees that have a bushy form and can be kept short. These are great for pots and for easy picking. Standard-form trees are also available.