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  • Kaffir Lime Tree – Citrus Hystrix

    Citrus hystrix Kaffir lime trees produce dark green fruits with bumpy surfaces. Use the fruit rind and crushed leaves' flavor and fragrance in cuisines and essential oils. Citrus Hytrix is the botanical name of Kaffir Lime tree.
  • Nagami Kumquat Tree

    Fortunella margarita Nagami Kumquat trees produce many tiny, tart-flesh, oblong shape fruits that cover the canopy in the winter making a very ornamental tree. Eat fresh with the skin to balance the flavors or use it's acidic juice in cusine. ...
  • Oroblanco Grapefruit Tree

    The Oroblanco Grapefruit is the most popular white fleshed variety and is also known as the "Sweetie". The fruit is large, seedless, oblong or round shape, with smooth yellow skin. The rind is very thick and a creamy white...
  • Persian Bearss Lime Tree

    Citrus aurantiifolia 'Bearss' The Bearss Seedless Lime tree (Citrus x latifolia) is the most popular green-color, thin skin, seedless lime that has a yellow rind when ripe. Bearss limes are also known commonly as Persian Lime or Tahitian lime.
  • Sour Orange Tree – Naranj Shiraz – نارنج‎

    Citrus × aurantium 'Persian Shiraz' Naranj Shiraz is a very delicious, tart flesh sour orange with seeds and fragrant flowers. Naranj fruits are traditionally used like lemon with fish and salad dishes. Our trees are over 13 years old and grandfathered in. Y...
  • Valencia Orange Tree

    Citrus sinensis 'Valencia'