• anna apple tree fruit

    Anna Apple Tree

    Quick View $95.00 The Anna Apple Tree is a prolific producer in mild winter climates such as Los Angeles. It will produce very sweet and delicious fruit. They are large in size with a stretched shape. The vertically stretched fruit with ... Select options
  • arctic fantasy nectarine

    Arctic Fantasy Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $75.00 A great white flesh nectarine for low chill, mild winter climates. The fruit is large with smooth red skin. The flesh is firm and juicy when ripe with a delicious sweet flavor. Enjoy pink Spring blossoms, followed by nice ... Select options
  • Black Mission Fig

    Black Mission Fig Tree

    Quick View $35.00$450.00 The Black Mission Fig Tree produce the most popular, medium to large size fruit with purple skin. The flesh is pink with a sweet, juicy, and creamy delicious flavor. Introduced by Missionaries to what is now San Diego, Ca... Select options
  • Black Monukka Grape

    Black Monukka Grape Vine (Seedless)

    Quick View $25.00 A large, purplish color crisp seedless grape with juicy, sweet, and nice flavor. Eat Fresh or raisins. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. 100 Chill Hours Needed. Doesn't need as much summer heat as others. Select options
  • Brown Turkey Fig

    Brown Turkey Fig

    Quick View $35.00$150.00 The Brown Turkey fig is medium to large size with brown to purple skin. The light pink flesh has sweet, juicy, creamy and delicious flavor. 100 chill hours. A very vigorous and fast growing tree. Harvest ripe fruit in the ... Select options
  • Ficus Nitida 24" box plant

    Ficus Nitida ‘Indian Laurel’

    Quick View $18.00$200.00 Ficus are probably the most popular privacy hedge used in Los Angeles and Southern California. They're fast-growing, upright, and evergreen. Meaning they are always green, all year round. Plant them 2 - 3 feet apart in a r... Select options
  • flavor king pluot

    Flavor King Pluot Tree

    Quick View $75.00$120.00 The Flavor King Pluot is a delicious hybrid of plum and apricot. It is plum dominate, as opposed to the apriums. The fruit has red skin, and with a yellowish flesh tinged red. The flavor king is juicy, and has a spicy swee... Select options
  • fuerte avocado

    Fuerte Avocado Tree

    Quick View $40.00$450.00 Fuerte avocados are subtropical trees considered to be cold tolerant. A great tasting (type b) variety, great for pollinating Hass avocado trees. Fuerte avocados are medium in size, long-shaped fruit with a green, leathe... Select options
  • fuji-apple-from-a-tree

    Fuji Apple Tree

    Quick View $95.00 Fuji Apple Tree - The most popular eating apples in America! Fuji apples are large and round with red color over yellow skin. The fruit is sweet and juicy with crisp and dense texture. Compact tree and heavy producer. ... Select options
  • fuyu persimmon from tree

    Fuyu Persimmon Tree

    Quick View $150.00$395.00 Fuyu persimmon is flat saucer shaped, lacking a core, seeds, and astringency. When ripe, persimmon fruit has orange color skin with a yellowish flesh. Fruits ripen in the fall and are mainly eaten while firm. The flesh is ... Select options
  • gala-apple-fruits-from-a-tree

    Gala Apple Tree

    Quick View $40.00$95.00 The Gala apple tree is beautiful and very popular for its snack size fruits that are crisp, firm texture with sweet, juicy, and delicious flavor.  The skin is red striped over a light yellow. Gala Apples are eaten fre... Select options
  • Granny Smith Apple Tree

    Granny Smith Apple Tree

    Quick View $95.00 The Granny Smith apple tree produces the popular tart green fruits used in apple pies, apple sauce, and of course, caramel apples. Eat fresh, died, and use to cook and bake. Select options
  • Avocado

    Hass Avocado Tree

    Quick View $40.00$150.00 The Hass avocado has dark green-colored, bumpy skin which becomes a dark purplish-black when ripe. Hass is the most commercially popular avocado in the world. It was first grown by a Southern California amateur horticultur... Select options
  • Italian cypress hedge near street

    Italian Cypress – Cupressus sempervirens

    Quick View $55.00$200.00 Italian cypress is a Mediterranean coniferous evergreen tree with tiny green leaves, and a very unique conic shape. Although they can grow relatively large, about 100 feet tall, they naturally maintain a dense spray growth... Select options
  • Jewel Blueberry Vine – 5 gal (~2 ft tall)

    Quick View $35.00 Jewel Blueberry has become one of the leading varieties in California due to its site adaptability, exceptional growth, record yields and large quality fruit. Ripens early to mid-season, a few days after Star, and its harv... Select options
  • Lang Jujube

    Lang Jujube Tree

    Quick View $95.00$125.00 The Lang Jujube tree produces small, pear-shaped fruit with reddish-brown skin. The flesh is white, sweet and delicious. Eat fresh, while firm a bit juicy or allow to dry, wrinkle, and become chewy. The jujube is also know... Select options
  • Misty Blueberry Vine

    Quick View $35.00 Misty is one of the most attractive southern highbush varieties. The blue-green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the hot pink flowers and sky blue summer fruit. The berries are medium to large size and of excellent q... Select options
  • white pakistan mulberry tree

    Pakistan Mulberry (White) Tree

    Quick View $55.00$550.00 The Pakistan white mulberry tree produces very long (3-4 inch), greenish yellow fruits that are very sweet and delicious. The fruit is slightly less juicy than the red Mulberry but just as sweet. A flavor is reminiscent o... Select options
  • Pakistan Mulberry Tree

    Pakistan Red Mulberry Tree

    Quick View $295.00$550.00 The Pakistan / Afghanistan red mulberry tree produces uniquely long (3-4 inch) fruit. Incredible flavor! Very juicy, sweet and delicious when ripe. Tree are vigorous and grow large, providing lots of shade. Harvest mulberr... Select options
  • Placeholder

    Persian Askari ‘Shiraz’ Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Persian Grape known as Askari are small, round, yellow and sweet and juicy. These delicious fruits are seedless. Grow as a climbing vine on a trellis or train up a wall or post. Their large, green leaves are great for ... Select options
  • persian fig

    Persian Fig ‘Kan’ Tree

    Quick View $35.00$95.00 Our Persian fig tree is originally from Kan, Iran. The fruit has a light greenish yellow thin skin and is medium-large in size. The flesh itself is very sweet and delicious. Figs reach maturity during the Fall season. Th... Select options
  • Persian grape Rish Baba

    Persian Grape Rish Baba – Angoor

    Quick View $25.00 The Persian Rish Baba grape features long elongated green skinned grapes with distinctly great flavor. Sweet and juicy, Rish Baba is a heavy producing variety that does well in an area with mild winter climates. Their larg... Select options
  • persian grape

    Persian Grape Vine ‘Askari’

    Quick View $25.00 Very popular Persian grape vine that produce small, round, yellow fruit with no seeds. Very sweet and juicy with nice flavor. The leaves are large and great for making Dol Meh. Plant in the Full Sun and grow to climb o... Select options
  • Persian Jasmine Plant

    Quick View $35.00$55.00

    Paradise Nursery’s Persian Jasmine is originally from the Southern city of Shiraz, which is known for its majestically manicured gardens. It produces a very pleasantly aromatic white pin shaped flowers. While similar ... Select options

  • Persian Night Blooming Jasmine mahboobe shab

    Persian Night Blooming Jasmine

    Quick View $35.00 Also known as Mahboobe Shab, this amazing plant has yellowish flowers that are especially fragrant at night. Large, long dark green leaves and long shoots are grown as a large shrub or trained as climbing vine. Easy to gro... Select options
  • persian pomegranate

    Persian Pomegranate – Red ‘Anar Saveh’ (ا نار ساوه)

    Quick View $35.00$395.00 Originating from the Saveh province of Iran, this variety of pomegranate tree produces an abundance of large, deep red fruit with very big juicy arils and soft seeds. The flavor is sweet and tart with a great balance of su... Select options
  • goje sabz

    Persian Sour Plum ‘Tabriz’ – Goje Sabz Tree

    Quick View $65.00$165.00 Our authentic Persian plum tree from Tabriz, Iran produces a very popular sour plum that is picked when the fruits are small and green. They are very delicious and eaten while sour and crunchy, often seasoned with salt.... Select options
  • Yazd White Pomegranate

    Persian Sweet Pomegranate – White ‘Anar Yazd’ (ا نار یزد)

    Quick View $35.00 This variety of Persian pomegranate tree is native to the province of Yazd, Iran. Produces light pink skin fruit with white-pink arils that are large, juicy with very sweet flavor and no acidity. The seeds are so soft tha... Select options
  • white mulberry

    Persian White Mulberry – (Toot – توت)

    Quick View $45.00$550.00 White mulberry trees grown at Paradise Nursery originate from Iran. They are beautiful trees that produce abundant white, sweet and juicy fruits called toot (توت). They are very tasty, and can be eaten fresh off the tre... Select options
  • Pineapple Quince Fruit Tree

    Quick View $95.00 Heavy crops of large, tart fruit used in baking, jams, and jellies. Profuse, ornamental bloom. Cold hardy, yet low chilling requirement 300 hours. Self-fruitful. Select options
  • pink lady apple

    Pink Lady Apple Tree

    Quick View $75.00$120.00 The Pink Lady is a delicious low chill apple tree from West Australia. The fruit has reddish pink color skin, sweet tart flavor, and crisp when ripe. Keeps well and has a unique taste. The flesh is white and does not brow... Select options
  • Podocarpus-gracilior-Afrocarpus-36-Box.

    Podocarpus Gracilior

    Quick View $55.00$195.00

    Podocarpus gracilior is a common plant used as a privacy hedge in Los Angeles, and much of California. This because they are easily grown fast in all soils and condition, with little maintenance and mess. As an evergree... Select options

  • Princess Seedless Grape

    Princess Seedless Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Princess seedless grapes are large, green color, juicy seedless fruit with a nice sweet flavor. Fruits hold well, Eat fresh and as raisins. Train on a trellis, post, arbor, or wall. 100 Chill Hours. Self-fruitful. Select options
  • Royal Rosa Apricot

    Royal Rosa Apricot Tree

    Quick View $95.00$350.00 Sweet, juicy, and very tasty apricot with low acid. This great home orchard apricot tree provides early and summer harvest. A very strong and disease tolerant tree. Produces heavy at a young age. Less than 500 hours. Se... Select options
  • ruby seedless grape

    Ruby Seedless Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Ruby Seedless grape vine produce dark red crisp fruit that is sweet and juicy. Eat fresh or dry to raisin. Train as a climbing plant on a trellis, post, arbor, or wall. Needs less heat than other varieties. 100 hours.... Select options
  • santa barbara peach

    Santa Barbara Peach Tree

    Quick View $75.00$120.00 Very popular yellow freestone peach from Southern California. Amazing sweet and juicy with a nice firm texture.  Delicious is the best way to describe.  Best when eaten fresh, this self-fruitful variety only need less... Select options
  • Satsuma Mandarin Tree

    Quick View $150.00$450.00 The Satsuma Mandarin tree produce sweet and juicy fruit with puffy, very easy to peel skin. Considered to be ugly looking fruit with an unusual shape. Very delicious flavor. Moderate size tree that bears tiny white fragran... Select options
  • sour cherry tree albaloo

    Sour Cherry Tree

    Quick View $65.00$395.00 Sour cherry trees, also known as Albaloo produce small, pleasantly tart fruits in mild winter climates such as Los Angeles and Orange County. Contrary to their counterpart sweet cherries, the Sour Cherry Albaloo tree are l... Select options
  • Thompson Seedless Grape

    Thompson Seedless Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Thompson Seedless grape is California's most popular. Round, small, and pale green fruit is very sweet, tasty, and very juicy. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Eat fresh or as raisins. Needs warm summer heat for the fruit to... Select options
  • Washington navel orange fruits

    Washington Navel Orange Tree

    Quick View $150.00$450.00 The Washington Navel Orange tree is the most popular eating orange in California. Large round to oval medium to large navel fruit. seedless. Especially well-colored (deep orange). The rind is average thickness with the fle... Select options
  • 9729

    Wax Leaf Privet – Ligustrum japonicum Texanum

    Quick View $15.00$55.00 Ligustrum Texanum, also known as wax leaf privet, is very popular and commonly used to create a privacy hedge.   Some of the benefits of the Ligustrum is that they are drought tolerant and DO NOT have deep roots and wi... Select options
  • Yellow Jasmine – Carolina Jessamine

    Quick View $35.00 Yellow Jasmine Select options
  • zalzalak

    Zalzalak (Persian)

    Quick View $95.00 Unique deciduous tree that bears many yellowish pink fruit with red blush. Select options