24" Box - 6 Ft Tall, 2" Trunk & Fullest

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  • Eureka Lemon Tree

    Citrus limon 'Eureka' Eureka Lemon trees produce the typical grocery store lemon. They are tart, high in vitamin C, and have a wide variety of uses in cooking and beyond. 
  • Fuyu Jiro Persimmon Tree

    Diospyros kaki 'Fuyu' Buy a Fuyu Persimmon Tree and produce non-stringent, sweet, flat shape orange fruits. Eat when firm and crunchy or allow fruits to ripen soft, sweeter, and like juicy jelly inside. Fuyu persimmons are the most popular. Tre...
  • Long Beach Peach Tree

    The Long Beach peach tree produces yellow flesh peach for mild Winter climates that are sweet, juicy, and delicious. Red over yellow skin, freestone with firm flesh. Ripens late May to early June. 200 hours. Self-fruitful....
  • Mexican Key Lime Tree

    Citrus × aurantiifolia The Key Lime fruit is small, juicy, tart, and very delicious. Often used with tequila or in the sliced and placed neck of a glass beer bottle. Vigorous and prolific tree, harvested green and consumed yellow.
  • Panamint Nectarine Tree

    Prunus persica var. nucipersica A great quality nectarine with red skin and yellow flesh. Great tasting with a balanced sugar and sour flavor. An easy to grow freestone nectarine tree. A popular variety for mild Winter climates. The fruits ripen in the l...