• Bearss Lime

    Bearss Lime Tree

    Quick View $40.00$395.00 Bearss lime (Citrus x latifolia), commonly known as Persian lime or seedless green lime, is the most popular lime sold at the markets in California and much of the world. The skin of the Bearss lime has smooth texture, ... Select options
  • cara cara orange

    Cara Cara Orange Tree

    Quick View $120.00 A light red color flesh, medium size orange with sweet and juicy flavor. The skin is Fruits have navel, and thought to either be a mutation of the Washington navel orange. However, it may have been a cross of the Brazil... Select options
  • dancy mandarin

    Dancy Mandarin Tree

    Quick View $40.00$395.00 Citrus reticulata Blanco The Dancy Mandarin is sweet and easy to peel. The fruit is medium size with red-orange skin. Juicy flesh with rich flavor.  Very popular in California, marketed as "Cuties". Thought to be from Tangier, Morocco, these a... Select options
  • gold nugget loquat

    Gold Nugget Loquat Tree Seedling

    Quick View The Gold Nugget loquat tree produces clusters of small (1-2 inches) in size, round to oval pear shape yellow-orange fruit with about 3 smooth seeds in the center. The skin is smooth and sometimes has a red blush on top of ... Select options
  • key lime

    Mexican Key Lime Tree

    Quick View $40.00$395.00 The Key Lime fruit is small, juicy, tart, and very delicious. Often used with tequila or in the sliced and placed neck of a glass beer bottle. Vigorous and prolific tree, harvested green and consumed yellow. Select options
  • moro blood orange

    Moro Blood Orange Tree

    Quick View $40.00$120.00 The most popular red flesh orange is the Moro blood orange. The deep red, maroon color inside is intense. The fruit is round, medium size, has smooth texture, and a red tinge color skin. The flesh is juicy, sweet, delici... Select options
  • oroblanco grapefruit

    Oroblanco Grapefruit Tree

    Quick View $120.00$395.00   Oroblanco grapefruit is the most popular white fleshed variety. The fruit is large, seedless, oblong or round shape, with smooth yellow skin. The rind is very thick and a creamy white color. The flesh juicy and s... Select options
  • Sale! persian seedless lime

    Persian Lime Tree

    Quick View $40.00$395.00 The Persian lime is one of the most popular citrus fruits grown in Los Angeles and California homes. The Persian lime is seedless, medium size fruit with smooth green skin. The flesh is very juicy and delicious, and very p... Select options
  • Yazd White Pomegranate

    Persian Sweet Pomegranate – White ‘Anar Yazd’ (ا نار یزد)

    Quick View $35.00 This variety of Persian pomegranate tree is native to the province of Yazd, Iran. Produces light pink skin fruit with white-pink arils that are large, juicy with very sweet flavor and no acidity. The seeds are so soft tha... Select options
  • Satsuma Mandarin Tree

    Quick View $40.00$395.00 The Satsuma Mandarin tree produce sweet and juicy fruit with puffy, very easy to peel skin. Considered to be ugly looking fruit with an unusual shape. Very delicious flavor. Moderate size tree that bears tiny white fragran... Select options