Lemon Trees

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  • Eureka Lemon Tree

    Citrus limon 'Eureka' Eureka lemon trees produce the common yellow skin fruits with deliciously sour flesh and football shape once ripe . Eureka lemons are native to Italy and a classic normal lemon in America.
  • Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

    Citrus × meyeri Meyers Lemon trees produce rounder shaped fruits that have a thin skin and rich tart flavor with a hint of sweetness making it delicious. Meyers Lemons are great for cooking and baking. This lemon became popular in the lat...
  • Persian Sweet Lemon Tree – (Limu Shirin)

    Citrus limettiodes 'Persian Limu Shirin' The Persian Sweet Lemon is juicy, completely sweet and very delicious with no acidity at all.  It's very high in vitamin C, and a natural cold remedy. You can cut it into fours and it eat fresh. It's so sweet and tasty, t...
  • Pink Lemon Tree