Citrus trees

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  • Balang Tree

    The Balang belongs to the citrus family. It is predominantly known for its rind, which is used to make a delicious jam. It is originally from the provinces of Gīlān and Māzandarān in Northern Iran. What distinguishes i...
  • California Honey Mandarin Trees

    Citrus x reticulata 'California Honey' The Honey Mandarin tree produces sweet, seedless, and easy to peel fruit. They have thin skin that is red-orange in color. Also sold as tangerines, the fruit can become medium to large in size. The tree produces fragrant, ...
  • Cara Cara Orange Tree

    Citrus sinensis 'Cara Cara' Cara Cara Oranges have a unique pinkish, light red flesh similar to a grapefruit but have a very delicious flavor. The fruits are a medium to large size with a juicy and sweet taste. Cara Cara has low acidity, and uniqu...
  • Chandler Pumello

  • Dancy Mandarin Tree

    Citrus reticulata 'Dancy' The Dancy Mandarin is sweet and easy to peel. The fruit is medium size with red-orange skin, juicy flesh and a rich flavor.  They are very popular in California and marketed as "Cuties". Thought to be from Tangier, Morocc...
  • Eureka Lemon Tree

    Citrus limon 'Eureka' When you close your eyes and think of a lemon, the Eureka lemon is most likely what you’re imagining. The typical grocery store lemon, Eurekas are tart, high in vitamin C, and have a wide ...
  • Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

    Citrus × meyeri The Improved Meyer Lemon tree produces thin-skinned fruits with flesh that is sweeter than a classic lemon, juicy, and delicious.  Prized by chefs ...
  • Kaffir Lime Tree – Citrus Hystrix

    Citrus hystrix Kaffir lime trees produce dark green fruits with bumpy surfaces. Use the fruit rind and crushed leaves' flavor and fragrance in cuisines and essential oils. Citrus Hytrix is the botanical name of Kaffir Lime tree.
  • Meiwa Kumquat Tree

    Fortunella crassifolia Meiwa Kumquats are small, sweet orange fruits that are tasty when ripe. They are not sour like the Nagami kumquat and a little rounder. They are delicious and used often for candy marmalades. Meiwa Kumquat trees are often ...
  • Mexican Key Lime Tree

    Citrus × aurantiifolia The Key Lime fruit is small, juicy, tart, and very delicious. Often used with tequila or in the sliced and placed neck of a glass beer bottle. Vigorous and prolific tree, harvested green and consumed yellow.
  • Moro Blood Orange Tree

    Citrus sinensis 'Moro' The most popular red flesh orange is the Moro blood orange. The deep red, maroon color inside is intense. The fruit is round, medium size, has smooth texture, and a red tinge color skin. The flesh is juicy, sweet, delici...
  • Nagami Kumquat Tree

    Fortunella margarita Nagami Kumquat trees produce many tiny, tart-flesh, oblong shape fruits that cover the canopy in the winter making a very ornamental tree. Eat fresh with the skin to balance the flavors or use it's acidic juice in cusine. ...
  • Oroblanco Grapefruit Tree

    The Oroblanco Grapefruit is the most popular white fleshed variety and is also known as the "Sweetie". The fruit is large, seedless, oblong or round shape, with smooth yellow skin. The rind is very thick and a creamy white...
  • Page Mandarin #15 Standard

    Page mandarin trees produce sweet fruit with thin skin that is easy to peel.
  • Persian Bearss Lime Tree

    Citrus aurantiifolia 'Bearss' The Bearss Seedless Lime tree (Citrus x latifolia) is the most popular green-color, thin skin, seedless lime that has a yellow rind when ripe. Bearss limes are also known commonly as Persian Lime or Tahitian lime.
  • Persian Sweet Lemon Tree – (Limu Shirin)

    Citrus limettiodes 'Persian Limu Shirin' So sweet, you’re meant to bite right into it, the Persian Sweet Lemon is juicy, delicious, and has no acidity. It is packed with vitamin C and has long been used as a natural cold remedy. ...