Irrigation / Fertilization Issues

Irrigation / Fertilization Issues
Tuning Irrigating frequency with the soil type and weather conditions. 
An irrigation system can help automate and hire an experienced to prevent mistakes. This may require you to hire a gardener or more learning.
Inconsistent /late watering can dry some roots resulting in some leaves dropping, and disrupting the movement of nutrients through the tree. An irrigation system and experienced gardener/irrigation manager require an initial investment but can save you in the long run.
 If you see once watered, the remaining leaves become rigid again. Do you see wilting of the leaves from time to time?
If so, tuning the frequency and quantity of water with the irrigation frequency to the soil and evapotranspiration rate can resolve this issue.
must be more in tune with when the tree needs water as those change throughout the year. An irrigation system makes it easier to provide sufficient watering consistently at the right times.
 The water, fertilizer, soil, and sun have a strong relationship. The nutrients dissolve in the water and require the leaves to have open stomates for the plant to uptake the water from the soil and move the nutrients through the plant. The stomates in the leaves close when there’s a lack of water in the soil due to evaporation rates affected by the sun/temperatures. Sandy soils have less water holding capacity compared to clay soils, therefore requiring more frequency but less amount of water at each session.  As for frequency;  the warmer the weather or sandier the soil, the more frequently the water is needed during the week.
Watering without an irrigation system is more difficult because of the higher potential for error. An irrigation system requires an initial investment but can save you in the long run. However, this does require you or your experienced gardener to act as the irrigation manager.
Installing an irrigation system and confirming the flow rate and frequency of irrigation are in tune with the temperature as it changes throughout the year is very important.
This can be due to a lack of too much fertilizer.
A lack of fertilizer results in yellowing leaves, but too much fertilizer can increase the salts in the soil draw water from the tree, and shut down the movement of nutrients through the plant.
A soil test can be done through a lab such as or your recollection of your fertilization routine based on the instructions from the manufacturer can help determine if you have provided too much or not enough nutrients.
Please provide more information in regards to your irrigation and fertilization routine and how you are keeping that in tune with the temps and your soil, and fertilizer instructions for me to help further.
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I have some concerns about a Key lime tree I purchased from you about a year ago. If you examine the attached photo you will note that the leaves are rather yellow. I am hoping you can tell me what, if anything, this means.

Many thanks