How to open a pomegranate and make pomegranate juice

To open and juice Pomegranates you will need a knife, blender, and strainer. Pomegranates are usually ripe in the Fall, and not tolerant of extreme cold..

Open the pomegranate.

Use a knife to peel the top of the Pomegranate in a circular motion until you can pull the top off. This is the first step to opening the pomegranate.

Now, you can more easily make four scores, from top to bottom, as deep as the skin of the fruit, opposite and equal distance from each other, and use both hands to grip the fruit and pull to open the pomegranate in half. Continue into quarters.

Place the pieces of open pomegranate in the bowl full of water. Separate the pomegranate arils from the skin. Once you have removed the aril you can pour out the water to eat fresh or use it to make juice


How to Make pomegranate juice.


Place Pomegranate arils in a basic blender. Blends until a froth is created, and use a fine strainer to separate the juice from the seeds into a bowl or cup. Drink pomegranate juice fresh or use it in a smoothie to add nutrients, antioxidants, and flavor.