15 Gallon Ficus Nitida

15 gallon Ficus Nitida grown in the standard black plastic nursery container is the most popular size planted because they’re already 6 foot tall when planted and will immediately create a privacy screen, while not being terrible expensive.  The size smaller is called a 5 gallon are sometime limited availability are usually about 3 feet tall – 4 feet tall, however they are not nearly as full and wide as 15 gallon Ficus Nitida. It would take about 2 years growing in a container for a 5 gallon to grow into a proper 15 gallon Ficus Nitida. So unless you are planting high quantities of 15 gallon ficus nititida would be too expensive, then they go to 5 gallons. The 24″ Box Ficus Nitida are about 9 feet tall and 2 years older than 15 gallon Ficus Nitida. BUt these are usually too expensive for the common home owner.

Plant 15 gallon Ficus nitida closely in a row about 2.5 – 3 feet apart from each other.  Trench the area for high qand use the the native soil that is dug out to mix with organic planting mix and fertilizer when planting. Create a nice watering well around the drip zone to collect water for the roots. Flood the interior of the watering well multiple times to ensure the soil is saturated about at least 2 – 3 feet deep so the roots can grow well for Ficus to establish.

In many cases 15 gallon Ficus Nitida are purchased and transplanted into planters to create a privacy hedge without having to worry about the long term concerns the invasive roots of ficus to damage the nearby area. 15 gallon Ficus Nitida are usually transplanted into containers about 2 – 3″ foot wide pots or planters. A drip system is ideal to irrigate the plants in such a condition.

The affordability and relatively mature size is a good reason why people tend to purchase the 15 gallon Ficus Nitida size the most.