We guarantee our plants to be true-to-type as labeled, and in good health when they leave the nursery. Our guarantee DOES NOT INCLUDE unconditional replacement.

You must notify us within 24 hours of receipt if there is a problem with any plants in your order, such as incorrect counts or damage to the plants.
If you experience a problem with a plant later in the growing season, let us know as soon as possible. We will be fair and will do our best to keep you satisfied. Depending on circumstances, we may offer a 1-time only half-price replacement of the cost of the plants. This half price replacement does not include shipping to send the replacement trees.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE plants injured beyond our control, such as lack of water, freeze damage, drought, floods, pest or disease damage, tractor blight, animal damage, improper planting or lack of care.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE trees planted outside the recommended zone, or for trees planted in locations where they are not watered or given any care.
In no case does our guarantee cover more than the original cost of the plant and does not include the price of shipping.

Plants are living organisms and can be subject to a number of environmental problems when they are beyond the control of our nursery. Remember that you are farming and the growth and survival of your plants is your responsibility, not the nursery.
It is your responsibility to maintain the plants with good care, adequate watering, and fertilization. Pest and disease problems are best handled by contacting your local County Extension Agency, who will have the best information on diagnosis and treatment.
Lack of water is the primary cause of tree death. If you plant and do not have the ability to water several times per week throughout the first few seasons, then you should not expect high survival rates, especially if your region experiences a severe drought. If you cannot water your trees, we recommend fall planting. Keep in mind your trees will still need supplemental watering to thrive.
Late spring freezes are a common problem in northern locations, especially after the plants have leafed out. If your trees have already started to grow and you expect a late freeze, then you should make every effort to protect them, such as using Grow Tubes and other protective measures. We monitor national weather patterns and keep records of abnormal conditions, including droughts and early and late freezes. We are not responsible for damage due to late spring freezes.

We will accept returns only if there is damage to the trees during shipment. If the box is damaged, open and inspect the trees. If they are not damaged, go ahead and plant the trees. If the trees are badly damaged, such as broken stems, call us immediately for instructions. Do not throw away packaging and we will instruct the shipper to pick up the damaged box and plants.

Paradise Nursery is inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and we maintain a California Nursery Stock Certificate for interstate and intrastate shipments.