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The Meyers lemon tree produce juicy and delicious tart flavor fruit with a hint of sweetness. This lemon has thin skin and a rounder shape than a true lemon. A very great for cooking and baking. With a rich flavor, this lemon became popular in the late 90’s and when featured by Martha Stewart featured them. Grown widely in California.  Great for pots and containers. Produces heavily from a young age. Very aromatic white flower blossom. Few seeds. Has less acidic flavor than the common Eureka Lemon.



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Meyers Lemon Tree Information and Care

Meyers lemon tree is hardy, evergreen, and has dark green, glossy leaves, and few thorns. A very prolific fruiter, even at a young age. Harvest fruit as soon as the tree is planted. Greatly aromatic. Almost a mix of sweet and citrus aroma.

Our Meyers lemon tree is grown in standard, semi-dwarf, and dwarf form. The semi-dwarf and standard citrus tree has a single trunk and branch out to form a canopy. Dwarf citrus are topped low, as a result grow as a bush. These are great for pots! The Meyers Lemon is a relatively small citrus trees. Most prune to keep them short. Therefore, many grow their Meyers lemon tree 7 – 12 feet tall. When it comes to spacing, plant citrus trees as close as 9 feet apart. Provide more space to allow for larger growth. A great choice for the home garden. Its small size will serve as a beautiful ornamental, as well as provide many fruit.

How To Plant, Water, and Fertilize A Meyers Lemon Citrus Tree

Plant a Meyers lemon tree in the full sun. Amends with high quality planting mix and fertilizer in soil that drains well. Water a newly planted tree twice per week during the Spring through Summer. Water once per week in the Fall and Winter, while the weather is cool. Consequently, trees in hot climates or sandy soils may need water more frequently.

Spring is the most important time to fertilize a citrus tree. Use citrus food fertilizer with a 2-1-1 NPK ratio in the Spring through Summer. To promote growth, there is twice as much nitrogen to phosphorus and potassium. Blood meal and manure are great organic sources of Nitrogen. Use a fertilizer with more phosphorus and potassium like humus or bone meal during the Winter to promote flowers and fruit.

Very pests and problems. They are less attractive to birds and animals like squirrels because of their tart flavor.

The Meyers lemon tree available in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Pick up or have delivered.

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