• Princess Seedless Grape

    Princess Seedless Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Princess seedless grapes are large, green color, juicy seedless fruit with a nice sweet flavor. Fruits hold well, Eat fresh and as raisins. Train on a trellis, post, arbor, or wall. 100 Chill Hours. Self-fruitful. Select options
  • royal lee cherry tree

    Royal Lee Cherry Tree

    Quick View $95.00$150.00 Medium-sized red cherry, very firm with excellent flavor. Ripens 11-14 days ahead of Bing, Very low chilling requirement, excellent pollenizer for Minnie Royal. Pollenized by Minnie Royal. 200 to 300 hours. (Pat. No.12417)... Select options
  • Royal Rosa Apricot

    Royal Rosa Apricot Tree

    Quick View $95.00$350.00 Sweet, juicy, and very tasty apricot with low acid. This great home orchard apricot tree provides early and summer harvest. A very strong and disease tolerant tree. Produces heavy at a young age. Less than 500 hours. Se... Select options
  • ruby seedless grape

    Ruby Seedless Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Ruby Seedless grape vine produce dark red crisp fruit that is sweet and juicy. Eat fresh or dry to raisin. Train as a climbing plant on a trellis, post, arbor, or wall. Needs less heat than other varieties. 100 hours.... Select options
  • santa barbara peach

    Santa Barbara Peach Tree

    Quick View $75.00$120.00 Very popular yellow freestone peach from Southern California. Amazing sweet and juicy with a nice firm texture.  Delicious is the best way to describe.  Best when eaten fresh, this self-fruitful variety only need less... Select options
  • santa rosa plum

    Santa Rosa Plum Tree

    Quick View $120.00$350.00 The Santa Rosa plum tree is the most popular in California. The fruit has reddish-purple skin color and yellow color flesh. The flavor is sweet and juicy with a bit of tartness under the skin. A very delicious and enjoyabl... Select options
  • sauzee king nectarine

    Sauzee King Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $120.00 A very unique donut-shape, flat nectarine. An amazing white flesh fruit that has very sweet, juicy, and tasty flesh. The Sauzee king nectarine has smooth skin that is reddish in color over bits of yellow. Harvest fruit i... Select options
  • shinseiki pear tree

    Shinseiki Pear Tree

    Quick View $95.00$120.00 A beautiful fruit tree that produces popular round shape, golden yellow skin pears with sweet and juicy white flesh. These are often protected with a white film to prevent damage of this valuable crop. The fruit is crisp, ... Select options

    Snow Queen Nectarine Tree

    Quick View $120.00 A sweet and juicy white flesh freestone nectarine. Very delicious variety. Red color, smooth texture skin with yellow spots. Beautiful pink Spring blossoms, and early summer fruits. Low Chill. 250 Hours. Self-fruitful. Select options
  • sour cherry tree albaloo

    Sour Cherry Tree

    Quick View $65.00$395.00 Sour cherry trees, also known as Albaloo produce small, pleasantly tart fruits in mild winter climates such as Los Angeles and Orange County. Contrary to their counterpart sweet cherries, the Sour Cherry Albaloo tree are l... Select options
  • Spice Zee Nectaplum

    Spice Zee Nectaplum

    Quick View $120.00 A Nectarine dominant hybrid with plum. The Spice Zee Nectaplum has surprising pleasing flavor. A somewhat acidic, spicy sweet taste and very juicy. An attractive upright tree with a great flush of Spring time blossoms and... Select options
  • Flavor Queen Pluot

    The Flavor Queen Pluot Tree

    Quick View $120.00$350.00 The Flavor Queen Pluot is a very delicious hybrid of plum and apricot. The Flavor Queen Pluot fruits have green skin with a yellowish green flesh. Very juicy and amazingly tasty flavor. Flavor queen pluot trees require a p... Select options
  • Thompson Seedless Grape

    Thompson Seedless Grape Vine

    Quick View $25.00 The Thompson Seedless grape is California's most popular. Round, small, and pale green fruit is very sweet, tasty, and very juicy. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Eat fresh or as raisins. Needs warm summer heat for the fruit to... Select options
  • Placeholder

    Weeping Mulberry

    Quick View $195.00$550.00 The weeping mulberry tree is very beautiful with unique branches that grow down towards the ground. The tree produces sweet and juicy, tasty berries in the Summer that are small and red when ripe. Keep the tree small and ... Select options
  • zalzalak

    Zalzalak (Persian)

    Quick View $95.00 Unique deciduous tree that bears many yellowish pink fruit with red blush. Select options